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Warhammer 40000

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Явно из стройбата...





Когда-то давным давно, я со скуки сочинил концепт легкого крейсера для "Вольного торговца". На форуме FFG меня даже не сильно пинали за него. :)

Arrogant-class Light Cruiser.

Arrogant-class Light cruiser

In the end of M39 an infamous and (according to some) damned rogue trader Katyaina Kruz stole plans for the Ambition-class cruiser from the orbital Kormisoshi Dockyards. Being undetected, she went to one of the shadow shipyards in the wild region of space between the Calixis and Ixaniad sectors, and sold the blueprints for its tech-heretical ruler.

Two centuries have been spent on efforts to build a ship ... and ended in failure. Having failed to make an exact copy of the original ship due to lack of resources and data, hereteks were forced to develop smaller and less complicated vessel - the Arrogant-class light cruiser. During the next fifteen centuries, blueprints of this ship rapidly spread across clandestine shipyards that lurk in the Inter-sectors of the Segmentum Obscurus. What is more surprising, the blueprints have been found even at the shipyards of imperial worlds, which caused increased attention of the Inquisition.

Dimensions: 4.4 km long, 0.7 km abeam at fins approx. 
Mass: 17 megatonnes approx.
Crew: 58000 crew approx.
Accel: 4.8 gravities max sustainable acceleration
Speed: 7 
Manoeuvrability: 17
Detection: +20
Hull integrity: 56
Armour: 16
Turret rating: 2
Space: 55
SP: 53
Weapon capacity: Prow 1, Port 1, Starboard 1

Place for booty: The Arrogant is developed to be in search of prey for months in the void. It comes pre-equipped with one Compartmentalized Cargo Hold. The hull’s Space has already been reduced to account for this, however, when the ship is constructed it must be able to provide two Power to this Component.

Background Package

Background Package

Meritech's Kin

The Meritech Clans were a group of nomadic Voidborn pirates and technological scavengers who came to reside in the border zone worlds of the Merates Cluster during the final years of the 40th Millennium. For a long time these Voidborn families maintained ramshackle caravan fleets that plied the space of the cluster, mining, trading, salvaging, and fighting off attacks by corsairs and marauding Ork vessels as best as they were able. But supported by the sinister Hereteks of the cult known as the Logicians, clans grew stronger and began to monopolise much of the border trade between the Calixis and Ixaniad sectors, and the size and sophistication of their fleets grew to be a serious concern to the local authorities.

But this support was not disinterested - in 211.M41 mere banditry gave way to the all-out conflict known as the Meritech Wars and the Logicians had been the instigators of the crisis. They viewed the war that would cost millions of lives as little more than a massive series of field tests. Preparations for war began long before it started. Many new ships soared of from clandestine shipyards... but almost all of them were raiders.

Having access to advanced heretical technologies of Logicians, shipwright clans lacked the production capacities and resources, so only few were able to build a ship bigger then raider. Therefore, hulls of frigates and light cruisers which were wrested from ruined Space Hulks, stolen from the breaker’s yards or taken in combat, began to recover and reconstructed to the Clans' requirements. 

When the seventeen-year-long war ended, many of the deadly vessels utilised by the Meritech clanfleet survived, sold to pirates and other rogues, abandoned in orbit of a forgotten planet or even boarded and taken.

Cost: 3 Ship Points. Raiders, frigates and light cruisers may take this.

Carnivorous Nature: A highly advanced core cogitator was mounted on the ship. Kilometers of sophisticated linkage cabling allowed for this heretical device to exercise extreme control over the systems, granting +5 to Command, Detection and Ballistics tests and +10 to Maneuverability. However, the ship suffers –2 Power to maintain the cogitator systems.

Predatory Habits: Completely redeveloped fuel system of the ship allows to stabilize quality of the fuel prior to entering the drive, which increases its efficiency. Reduce the ship’s Space value by -1, but the ship gains +1 Speed.

Crystalline Armour: Many adamantine plates were replaced by multilayer composite armour modules which include layers of ultra-dense nano-crystalline metal, diamantine and molecular polyethene. This has increased armor but ship's hull have weakened by such interference. The ship gains +1 Armour and suffers -4 Hull integrity.

Unclean Derivation: Due to the highly complex and blasphemous nature of the machinery, any Tech-Use Tests to repair the ship suffer a –20. Also, the tech priests of Mars have an interest in the vessel and who controls it.





Автор готично и весьма, кажется мне , правдоподобно рисует быт бешеных укурков простых космопехотинцев



В далеком темном будущем не так уж все и плохо :)



SorrowFiend написал(а):

В далеком темном будущем не так уж все и плохо

Если попессимистить и понудить - то скоро у этой дамочки не останется ничего из того, что делало ее человеком и вообще женщиной. Карьера-с, механикусы, все дела. Потому таки плохо. А еще астартес не трахаются и не могут иметь детей и семью. А еще Инквизиторы могут, но кто им даст (в том плане что на убийство/похищение их близких целая очередь выстроится).
И да. Я таки зануда, да...

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SorrowFiend написал(а):

В далеком темном будущем не так уж все и плохо

Слишком. Много. Плоти.

Плоть слаба...


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